In-Memory Cost Management


Cost Management is a vital aspect of every business process. Every organization should take care of it quite minutely and effectively as the volume of cost data is increasing day-by-day and the companies must be sure that their data reporting is comprehensive and up to the minute accurate. It is critical for decision makers to drive their strategic objective with having visibility into all that data. Oracle In-Memory Cost Management is the most efficient cost and profitability solution. It harnesses the power of Oracle’s in-memory technologies on the Oracle Cloud. It is a powerful and simple to use tool that provides fast time-to-value by allowing anyone on your team with routine spreadsheet skills to run complex bottom-up simulations against your cost data. It helps the user to visualize the impact of the proposed changes. It helps product-centric manufacturers to make smarter decisions on manufacturing, sourcing, pricing, and sales through real-time cost margin and profitability analysis. Oracle In-Memory Cost Management helps in accurate planning and forecasting of cost-of-goods manufactured. This solution allows the user to quickly access the impact on both your manufacturing activities and your inbound and outbound supply chain. Get actionable insights with Oracle In-Memory Cost Management and make faster, better decisions that impact the bottom line and drive strategic cost management objectives.

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