Product Master Data Management

Data is the most powerful asset in product building journey. Managing product master data in an old and traditional system might bring complexities and challenges for business leaders. It can lead to poor decision making, lack of data governance, multiple and untrusted sources of data. An advance product master data management solution can help companies to overcome these challenges and gain a competitive advantage in business. Trusted data can easily accelerate the time to market and reduce efforts and cost too. Some businesses constantly upgrading or changing their product. It’s very critical to have real-time updates in product master data, like attributes, associations supply chain definitions, etc. Usually, there are many contributors to the product development journey that’s why businesses always tend to have higher security protocols. It can decide where individuals can have limited access or larger access.

Are you spending too much on maintaining product master data in multiple systems? Oracle Product Master Data Management acts as the centre of product master data management for product-related information.


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Oracle PMDM is analytically driven application, provides you with interactive and customizable dashboards. The real-time information helps you to prioritize your tasks. As data comes from different sources, Oracle PMDM helps you with setting up business rules to apply the right data validation process. You can review entered data and ask for more information if needed and then accept the data. The application provides you with great control over change management and new product introduction. With hierarchical approval process setups, you can manage ongoing product information change. Oracle PMDM can collaborate with multiple systems and share the information. With many more, business benefits Oracle PMDM is the one-stop solution for product master data management.

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