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Oracle Supply Planning Solutions, is a cloud-based modern manufacturing planning solution that helps companies to Plan, Monitor and Respond to the changes in the supply chain process. It allows users to Visualize Planning Problems, Investigate Root Causes and get Real-Time Feedback as you update or modify your plan. Maximize the utilization of your resources, optimize warehouse operations and define the best output for your supply chain processes.

Oracle Supply Planning Solutions, cloud-based applications comes with isolate page that gives a clear picture of different planning issues. It allows users to get an interactive overview of the planning with very easy steps. Get a statistical representation of safety stock requirements, cancel and reschedule orders in multiple scenarios. Oracle Supply Planning Solution gives intelligent action recommendations to every vendor supply chain process result in quality planning.

Plan Global Supply Chain

Intelligent Action Recommendations

Respond Faster to Demand Changes

Prevent Disruption in Planning


ISCS aid companies to enhance business agility, empower insightful and informed decision making and achieve wonders with limited resources.

ISCS works  closely with Oracle HQ and is currently working on co-development of new age planning applications along with Oracle Development.

With continuous innovation and add-on solutions, ISCS has expertise in providing unique integration solutions.

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