Value Chain Planning


The supply chain industry is on a surge and if reports to be believed supply chain management solutions will play a pivotal role in shaping the future outlook of industries such as food & beverages, industrial, health care, electronics, transportation & logistics, automotive, aerospace & defense, etc. Oracle offers leading-edge SCM solutions that can respond to the fluctuating needs of vividly growing supply chain industry.

ISCS delivers a range of SCM solutions that can help any organization to accurately predict demand and supply, align global operations, and attain revenue and profit goals through a range of best-in-class processes. A complex set of business and IT needs is involved in the decision to upgrade to Oracle ASCP 12.2.5. ISCS unfolds a best practices approach, weaving together enterprise and technology issues, toward an efficient and productive migration that optimizes the Oracle ASCP 12.2.5 upgrade investment.

Repond Faster to Changes

Better Forecast Accuracy

Reduce Inventory Investment

Better Customer Service